Latex vs. Polyurethane Condoms

What’s the difference between latex condoms and polyurethane condoms? Both are effective methods of pregnancy and STD prevention, and what’s best for each couple is a matter of personal comfort and preference. It’s definitely worth trying a few brands of each to find the one you like.

Latex Condoms Polyurethane Condoms
Texture stretchier thinner
Heat transfer less more
Smell latex none
Pregnancy & STI prevention* both very effective
Breakage/Slippage* a bit less likely a bit more likely
Triggers latex allergies? yes no
Lube compatibility water-based water-based or
Female version? no yes

*Because of their less elasticity, studies have shown a slightly greater likelihood of slippage or breakage with polyurethane condoms. But with careful useage both types are regarded to be highly effective methods of birth control and STI/herpes/HIV prevention.

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